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Wendy Anderson
Gyrokinesis /Gyrotonic  Trainer &
Authorized Pre-Trainer 

    Wendy has trained as a dancer, fitness professional, Pilates trainer and presently Gyrotonic Trainer. She is an Authorized teacher and teacher trainer (Pre-Trainer) of both Gyrokinesis  and Gyrotonic . 

    Having the good fortune of working with some of the most renowned Master Trainers, including Juergen Bamberger a Juliu Horvath (creator of gyrotonic) and Paul Horvath (physiotherapist)

Wendy has also trained on all pieces of Gyrotonic equipment!  

    She trains all levels of student from highly accomplished athletes to the very beginner who has started their adventure with gyro later in life.    

    “Always amazed by the beauty, depth and sophistication of this movement modality. And how  people can benefit from gyro on all levels of their being."

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